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SWAN's Abuser Alert & Information Network is a free, confidential service.

SWAN does not and will never share your name, location, phone number, email or any other of your personal or identifying information with the police, any other authorities or anyone who has subscribed to the Alert Network without your express request and permission to do so.

The only exceptions to this confidentiality are when we have reason to believe that someone under the age of 19 is experiencing abuse or exploitation, or that someone of any age is at immediate risk of harming themselves or someone else.

In order to protect the safety and security of everyone involved in any reported incident, SWAN reviews all the information provided in an Abuser Alert report, regardless of whether a request to forward onto the network has been made or not.  

SWAN reserves the right to withhold from publishing any information we believe to be false or illegitimate.  In the event we receive multiple reports regarding similar incidents that appear to be possibly connected, our staff may contact you for further information.

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WHO IS AN ABUSER? Any person a worker wants to warn other workers about.  It might be someone who:

  • refused to pay, withheld payments, or stole from you

  • attempted to remove the condom, or refused to wear one

  • stalked or harassed you

  • coerced you into doing something you didn't want to to do

  • forced or you to do something against your will

  • physically or sexually assaulted you

  • is physically, emotionally or verbally abusive, aggressive or threatening

  • is an authority figure who mistreats you, or is physically, emotionally or verbally abusive, or aggressive or threatening

  • behaves in any way you define as inappropriate, violent, exploitative or abusive.

SWAN’s Abuser Alert system provides im/migrant women engaged in sex work a platform to disclose experiences of violence or injustice with a goal of increasing safety for others. Reports are entered into an SMS messaging system that affords instant distribution. 

Women can share information regarding violent/abusive clients, non-payments, robberies, police raids, employment or management issues, and problematic intersections with bylaw officers.

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