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"There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about."

~ Margaret J. Wheatly



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Stay on top of all SWAN's latest work, plus news and events from across Canada and around the world that relate to safety, critical analysis of anti-trafficking discourse and policy, rights and freedoms for im/migrant women who engage in sex work; and sex worker rights generally.  

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"SWAN's work is so important because women working in massage parlours and private condos deserve support and care - especially when they face so many barriers from immigration, legal, policing and medical systems.  I find connecting with the women face-to-face deeply impactful; these connections directly encourage me to re-evaluate and challenge mainstream notions of sex economies that impose such widespread stigmas."  ~ Jane, Volunteer

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SWAN's work centers the voices, experiences and lived expertise of a widely misunderstood sex working community - im/migrant women who work indoors. This marginalized community of women contends with extraordinary political, systemic and cultural barriers and challenges.


Your support for SWAN's work is invaluable! It helps us continue to serve im/migrant women and mitigate, shift and change the discourse, laws and stigmas that misdefine, exclude, criminalize and harm them - thank you!

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