Our Board of Directors are volunteers who are impacted by and/or passionate about SWAN's vision and work, which​ includes addressing the conflation of sex work and trafficking, the unsound and often racist laws that result, and the disproportionate harms experienced by im/migrant women who engage in sex work. Directors are actively involved in overseeing the governance underpinning SWAN's operations and programming

Through specific roles, Directors commit to proactive engagement with the governance work the organization requires, and to additional committee work as SWAN's mission, campaigns or overall purpose may require. 

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Jackie W.

Board Chair


pronouns: she/her/hers - Jackie works in Vancouver, BC as a facilitator, writer and editor.  She has a background in journalism and has spent the last six years working with social change organizations as a post-secondary educator. She is a dialogue associate with the Morris J. Wosk Centre for Dialogue and also teaches in the SFU Semester in Dialogue program.

"A lot of my work has me thinking about the conditions under which social change happens.  I'm really glad to join SWAN's Board - SWAN exists at an important intersection of anti-racist feminist work that is exciting to me because it is rare and necessary."   

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Jane L..jpg

Board Vice-Chair


pronouns: she/her/hers - Jane has practice experience in victim services, gender and sexual health, youth substance use, newcomer supports, community-based research, and adult guardianship. A significant part of her work concerns critical perspectives on capability, risk, and difference.  She is grounded personally and professionally by epistemic humility, radical softness, intersectional feminism, Indigenous resurgence, and difference-centered ethics.

Jane first became involved with SWAN as a volunteer in 2012, later joining the team as an outreach worker. Her anti-racist, anti-oppressive, and critical social work practice approach is deeply informed by her experiences at SWAN. She returns to SWAN as a board member with the intention of furthering her commitment to sex work activism and im/migrant women’s rights.

“I joined SWAN’s board because I feel strongly about the impacts of oppressive policies and practices on im/migrant women engaged in sex work. I believe in the value of our work and uniqueness of this organization.”

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Board Treasurer


pronouns: she/her/hers - Mindy earned her designation as a Certified General Accountant in 2004 and is a member of Chartered Professional Accountants Association of Canada.  She works in public practice and for more than fifteen years has served many charitable and non-profit organizations in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. 

Mindy was introduced to SWAN through a like-minded colleague, and saw the opportunity to join SWAN’s Board as a way to learn more about the organization’s unique team and work while supporting both.

I have a particular interest in the interchange between financial information and advocacy.”

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Jenny Z. (2).JPG

Board Director


pronouns: she/her/hers - Jenny is a graduate of BCIT’s Software Development Program, and has worked in a variety of data research and management roles.  In 2005 through her previous employment with the BC Centre for Disease Control, she became involved with the Asian Society for the Intervention of AIDS, for their Orchid Project, an indoor sex worker and outreach service project in Vancouver.

Jenny has also worked extensively with Providence Health Care, and the Centre for Gender & Sexual Health  Equity's  AESHA  (An Evaluation of Sex Workers  Health  Access)  Project,  where she  conducted  translated surveys, participant interviews and outreach services.  

Jenny's direct connection to indoor sex workers remains strong. Through personal and professional ties with this community, she had always heard about SWAN’s unique services. 

“When the opportunity to join SWAN’s Board came up, I gladly took it.”  

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Advisory Board Member


pronouns: she/her/hers - A long-time activist, researcher and socio-legal scholar, Menaka has served on the Board for the Ottawa Rape Crisis Centre and the Exotic Dancers Rights Association of Canada (a collective of strippers and supporters that sought to establish minimum employment standards for strippers in Ontario from 1995 until 2004, when the organization disbanded).

As part of her doctoral project, (in 2014 and 2015) Menaka interviewed 40 sex workers of colour from nine cities in Canada, including Vancouver.  After vetting and evaluating the study’s benefit to sex workers of colour, SWAN was able to liaise with participants in Vancouver and vouch for the ethics and legitimacy of Menaka’s research, and participants’ safety in her interview processes.  Most recently she conducted a project for SWAN involving a global scan and assessment of capacity building strategies within NGOs serving marginalized and racialized populations.


Menaka recently relocated from her home of 20 years in Ottawa, Ontario to the United States to continue her academic career.  In August 2020 she began a tenure-track role in the Department of Sociology and Criminology at the University of North Carolina, Wilmington, where she teaches criminology. 

“My interest in SWAN is couched in reciprocity - in my role as an advisory board member I am hoping to give back to a community that has given me a lot.”

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