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In 2018, we invited im/migrant women who do sex work to take photographs to illustrate aspects of their day-to-day lives. The women met regularly to share and discuss the photographs that became the exhibit, which aims to dispel the myths and stereotypes most commonly associated with Asian women who engage in sex work.

The project doesn’t actually center on sex work, but focuses on other primary aspects of women's lives including their families, homes, hobbies, dreams and travels. Together, these photos and stories present the photographers as thoughtful, complex, active, multi-dimensional human beings - a very different narrative that counters the one-dimensional stereotypes of im/migrant sex workers that are the basis for so much public discourse around human trafficking.

The exhibit was first shown in Chinatown's Sum Gallery in January 2019 and continues to be available to view at select community events.

Click on any of the images below to see the online exhibit.

Curators and community organizers who are interested in hosting this exhibit

are welcome to inquire directly by email or phone: 604-719-6343

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