UPDATE: 12 April 2021 -

SWAN is opening the third funding cycle of our COVID Relief Fund, which is available only to the women we serve.   After receiving your application, SWAN staff will contact you.  Women who have applied in previous cycles can re-apply; however, only one application can be made per cycle. 

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SWAN Relief Fund - Application 

Any information SWAN collects as part of our COVID Relief Fund application or disbursement process will be used for these purposes only, and will be destroyed once funds have been distributed.  SWAN will use the number of COVID Relief Fund applicants in ongoing fundraising efforts but no identifying personal information will be used in those fundraising efforts.

SWAN is not affiliated with government agencies such as the Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD), Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA), Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) or police. We never share women’s information with government agencies as we understand the consequences of doing so. 

If you prefer to respond to this questionnaire by phone, you can do so by contacting our Outreach staff at either of the following numbers: 778-865-6343 (Mon, Wed & Fri 9am - 5pm) or  604-719-6343 (Mon, Wed & Thurs, 9am-5pm).   

Whether information is submitted by phone or online, there is no difference in process times or application outcomes.

1. Are you able to confirm if you are eligible for any government financial assistance? 

Select One

2. Have you received emergency financial assistance from another community group?

Select one:

3. Do you reside in Greater Vancouver (Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby, Tri-Cities, Surrey, Abbotsford, White Rock,

    Maple Ridge, New Westminster)?

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4. Please tell us a little about your current circumstances.

5. SWAN staff will contact applicants by phone to finalize the application and/or discuss and arrange disbursement of the funds.  

Select One or Both

     For approved applicants:  

  • PAYMENTS ARE MADE IN CASH.  Payments generate no formal record, and are not immediate. Delivery or pick-up must be scheduled by appointment, and recipients must receive payments in-person. SWAN is able to guarantee payment within three to five business days of staff’s discussion by phone with approved applicants.

6. SWAN’s Outreach staff work Monday to Friday, 9am - 5pm. What is the best time we can contact you? 

Select any that apply

Thank you for submitting your information! 

SWAN staff are working hard to process all applications for our Emergency Relief Fund and we thank you for your patience.  

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