April 2021 (podcast) - New Books Network - Roundtable on Asian Migrant Sex Work: in the aftermath of the Atlanta massacre in March 2021, Executive Director Alison Clancey, Kelly Go (SWAN's Outreach Coordinator), Dr. Lily Wong & Dr. Yuri Doolan were interviewed in a panel together.


November 2019 (podcast) - Intravenus: SWAN's Executive Director discusses issues facing im/migrant sex women engaged in sex work and SWAN's work here

January 2019 (podcast) - Talking Radical RadioSWAN’s Executive Director Alison Clancey and Jessi Taylor (SWAN’s Research Manager) were interviewed in a segment called Support and Advocacy with Migrant and Immigrant Sex Workers



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2 March 2021, openDemocracy -  SWAN's ED & Beyond Trafficking & Slavery's Dr. Joel Quirk discuss SWAN's Harms of Anti-Trafficking campaign: "Causing harm while trying to help women in sex work"


2 February 2021, VICE - SWAN's ED comments on the announcement of the first ever provincial Bad Date Reporting system for sex workers being developed with funding support from the Law Foundation of BC and an anonymous BC-based family foundation: ‘Bad Date’ Reporting Tool for Sex Workers to Launch in Canada


9 November 2020, Vancouver Foundation - an overview of our work & how Vancouver Foundation funding helped our efforts to address the impacts of COVID-19 on the im/migrant women SWAN serves: "SWAN Vancouver: Filling Critical Gaps to Support our Community's Most Marginalized"

9 March 2020, Richmond News - SWAN's ED weighs in on the harms created by self-proclaimed trafficking experts: "Former teacher addresses human trafficking at Richmond council"

6 February 2020, Richmond News - SWAN weighs in on RIchmond's municipal sex work policies and massage parlour regulations: "Sex and the city: Richmond 'body rub' policies scrutinized"

8 August 2019, Der Taggesspiegel - Coverage of 'The Police and Sex Work: Then and Now' conference in Berlin, including SWAN's keynote address:  "The Powerful Eye of the Police"


6 July 2017, The Globe & Mail - SWAN and Pivot lawyer Brenda Belak discuss the deeply harmful impacts of Operation Northern Spotlight on sex workers: "Sex-worker advocates call for end to B.C. police sting operations


1 June 2017, The Globe & Mail - SWAN and Pivot lawyer Brenda Belak discuss Canada's 2014 Protection of Communities and Exploited Persons Act and subsequent criminalization of advertising sex work:  "Backpage: Sex workers can find safety in online marketplace"

1 April 2016, The UBC Thunderbird  SWAN weighs in on the impacts of Bill C-36 on municipal law enforcement in Vancouver: "New police approach to help sex workers proves ineffective

10 December 2014, The Georgia Straight SWAN joins Triple X Workers' Solidarity Association of BC and others to respond to the passing into law of Bill C-36: "Canada's new sex-work laws ramp up risk for workers



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