"It is not always a question

of the Emperor having no clothes on.

Sometimes it is, 'Is that an Emperor at all?'"

~ Idries Shah 

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PTM Foundation’s Board of Directors and Community Advisory Board members held a series of conversations between our organization and SWAN Vancouver, to help PTM’s leadership better understand the ways we can show up and be helpful as allies, as well as ways we might unintentionally make things worse. Hearing the stories of people who have been directly harmed by anti-trafficking campaigns really opened all of our eyes to what’s really happening with these sorts of misguided narratives, laws, and awareness campaigns.

SWAN Vancouver - Ethical Anti-Trafficking Education


Moving forward, as our organization is approached to support anti-trafficking campaigns, we now have the education and resources in place through our partnership with SWAN to identify harmful narratives before accidentally engaging or supporting efforts that aren't aligned with the communities we support.

~ Logan Lynn



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